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Scheduling "Nothing Blocks"

Recently I have been obsessed with listening and learning about entrepreneurs or professional athletes and their back stories. What it took to get to where they are now.. the behind the scenes stuff simply motivates me.

As I learn about these icons, I am realizing a common trend. These people have the ability to engage with their surroundings. At one point, they allowed boredom and curiosity and openness. This led to inspiration. Which then led to tapping into their own unique personal creativity. Combine this with perseverance, and bingo!

I find the above process fascinating.

I don't know about you guys, but I like being busy, I love having a lot on the go, I love growing and change...this is just the way I am and I don't think its a bad thing, it just need to be managed. I must schedule what I call Nothing Blocks. I schedule these on a weekly basis, and sometimes they get filled but I try my best to keep them open. These blocks are not the same as alone/ workout time, these blocks are meant to have nothing planned. It is in this time that I get carried away with whatever I feel like in that moment, in a way these blocks fall under the mindfulness category. On weeks when I feel less motivated, these blocks can be uncomfortable and less fun but that's okay because I now trust in the power of nothing. It is during this time I learn more about myself and expressiveness.

Have you ever realized that you are more in tune with your thoughts in the car on long stretches of highways? Or more engaged with your surroundings in the car? Or you may get ideas while driving or in the passenger seat? I do. When I think about it, I've always loved road trips or just driving because I realize now that this was, and is, a forced pause... it is a nothing block.

When COVID started in March 2020, it was the first time in maybe my whole adult life that I was at a halt. NOW WHAT?! I'll spare you the details but looking back, this time has allowed more creativity and inspiration in my life. I now know that I like to write. I now know that I like to take photos, edit and create videos. I now know that I can read books. I now know that I love podcasts... these may seem like small things but if I wasn't ever stopped, I wouldn't have known.

It may sound silly, but I am honestly so inspired by people that get bored. Then engage in their boredom. Then tap into and act on their ideas. Then persevere with their ideas. Then create masterpieces. This whole squiggly line is SO COOL to me.

So overall take home message to myself and any readers out there:

Allow more nothing blocks in your life.

Stay curious.

Stay open.

And you may just find that you are living in line with your spirit, also known as being inspired.

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