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The No Filter Reflection.

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

This picture was snapped from an early morning run. No Filter. This reflection reminded me of the simple fact {You attract what you emit} and also got me thinking about our mirrors.

My reality is a direct reflection of my inner world. Your reality is a direct reflection of your inner world. Your truth is different from my truth and we must remember that we all have our own lens. We need to own our lens!

If you don't like what you are seeing, look for change inwards rather than out... This is literally wayyyyy easier said than done, but its the only way. Someone once told me that if you don't feel a resistance, you are not creating real change. I now sort of welcome this friction in a new light. Taking the path of least resistance will not change your reflection. This path of least resistance can look different depending on who you are... maybe its booze, maybe is drugs, maybe its blaming others, maybe its excuses, maybe its playing the victim... Whatever this path is, it may seem easiest but it's only taking you further away from changing your looking glass.

Let's use this mirror trick to our advantage. Whatever you don't like in your reflection you actually have the power to change. Move to your inner world and paint it GOLD. You will start to see transformation in the things around you. You will change what you attract, via modifying what you emit. Enjoy.

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02 may 2021

Paint it gold! 🔐 That‘à the key 🔑

Me gusta
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