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To have one's ducks in a row..

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

This expression gets tossed around often, but what does it even mean?!

I was told today that this expression implies preparedness and efficiency. Hmmm... I guess if all the ducklings are following the momma in a perfect straight line it would be very efficient, however I have a strong suspicion that most of the time, the baby ducks are all over the place, in a squiggly line rather

than a flawless row.

The point I am trying to make is maybe we should consider this "having our duck's in a row" as more of "having our ducks in view" because even the ducks themselves are often not usually in a row.

Personally, I have learned and I am still learning how to actually let go of wanting to control, wanting to have everything organized in a certain way, or a perfect row, before taking the next step. If we're constantly perfecting, constantly planning or prepping, when will we actually execute and move forward?

We should probably be okay with having just a few duckies in a row, and the rest in sight. We should be obsessing less about having it all laid out as a pre-requisite for taking action. Don't get me wrong, I totally support planning, organizing and goal setting, however, leaving a little room for inspiration, for figuring it out as you go is, I think, is a more realistic lens to take.

I know I am taking this expression WAY deep, but I think it's important to acknowledge our expectations in life. If we expect to have everything a certain way, what happens when it doesn't go that way?

When working with people who are living with persistent pain, we work as a team. We essentially work together to find ways to manage their pain and flare ups. Our overall goal is to enable regular physical activity. If we wanted to have all the ducks in a row before getting started, I don't think we would ever really begin. There are moving parts in sight and a target ahead, but the exact design is yet to be determined, and that's what its all about!

Photo credit: Momma Jane Foyle...

I had posted a picture of geese originally... thought I could get away with it, but nope! I was corrected and offered this photo of actual ducks instead.

Then I looked closely and realized these ducks are on ice!? What?!

Now this changes everything... and there's my point exactly.

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