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Physiotherapy: Pain Management, Fitness & Health


According to the Canadian Pain Task Force Report: June 2019, Chronic Pain was recently recognized by the World Health Organization as a disease in its own rights. This distinction validates the significance of chronic pain and its impact on the health and well-being of millions of people worldwide, as well as the economy. It is estimated that one in five Canadians live with persistent pain and this affects all aspects of one’s life including: decreased mental, emotional, physical and cognitive health, increased work absences and increased health care utilization (Campbell et al., 2019). It is not enough for healthcare professionals to only treat after the fact; prevention is crucial and this needs to be emphasized, especially in consideration of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Eva specializes in sports injury & prevention, as well as persistent pain management.  She is passionate about preventing chronic illness by helping people move more.  She believes that helping people incorporate more physical activity into their lives requires an understanding of their personal story,  trust and structured consistency

The research Eva is assisting with at McGill University, aims to articulate the current complex pain related content being taught across the fifteen Canadian universities that offer the Masters program in Physical Therapy. Advancement and improved consistency at the education level will enhance the impact physiotherapy has on well-being efficiencies and economics. Many aspects of this research project are directly applicable to these services offered. 


Sports Injury & Prevention 
@ The Movement Co. 


 You can now book with Eva at The Movement Co. in the Glebe, Ottawa, where the focus is active-based therapy using a multidisciplinary team approach.  Eva combines her personal training experience with physiotherapy, placing an emphasis on personalized home exercise programs to help you for the long run! 


60 minute Evaluation  

30 minute Follow Up 


If necessary and local, a home visit can be arranged 

All Physiotherapy sessions can be claimed for health insurance with invoice

Virtual Physiotherapy for
Persistent Pain


Physiotherapy for people living with persistent pain is a little different than physiotherapy for your typical ankle sprain.  For chronic pain, Eva focuses her treatments on neuroscience education, retraining of the nervous system through graded movement, flare up planning and thought monitoring.  There is an emphasis on what you can do, rather than what you can’t do as this is the most important starting point for anyone looking to make change.  The overarching objective of  treatments, which can be done virtually as well, is to empower individuals toward self-management and allow people to see firsthand that they can achieve significant positive results without receiving the traditional hands-on therapy.  Eva aims to gently lead and quietly motivate those living with persistent pain towards their path of wellness.  


60 minute Evaluation  

30 minute Follow Up 

Physiotherapy for persistent pain can be done in person also, see link above.

All Physiotherapy sessions can be claimed for health insurance with invoice


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Feel free to join my virtual circuit workouts

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