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Draft Thoughts on 10/10/2022.

Little and often. Leads to BLISS.

That's the feeling of crossing the finish line. BLISS. I am not sure how else to describe this.

Participating in an event of this caliber means so much to me, so much more than a one time event to check off the list.

Finishing. Top 10 females. I am strong. I am healthy. And I am thankful for my body. I love my body.

The finish line, perhaps like a mirror. Reflecting back at me. Me cheering me. Me celebrating The Way. All the feelings and thoughts turned up so loud in that particular moment. Smile so big it's on the verge of tears. I guess this is what tears of joy feel like?

Moving through an eating disorder for several key years of my life. Recently acknowledging, and working through the confusing emotional side that comes with, that I never knew existed. Realizing that I am very fortunate for these experiences because with them, they bring connection. Building confidence in the background to sign up for an ULTRA 55km Trail Event (two years ago this was not even a thought). Having the stamina to complete it while having the time of my life. It feels like a teeter totter that keeps going higher and higher. Better and better. Up and down. Physical and emotional. The spiritual component as the pivot point. This seesaw is limitless... if you let it be.

The process may not be linear, but it is continuous and upwards.

To get here it takes little and often work. And this is my life motto. Enjoy the little bits. Enjoy the little and often.


I have so much to say, but I keep writing in mini sentences. Am I nervous to put it all out there? Or am I still figuring out what's in there to put out there? Spinning.

Pausing to soak it in.

Also looking forward to what's next.

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