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Embracing Our Comfort Zones

We've all heard some version of the quote "step outside your comfort zone if you want to grow". I love this expression and I believe in it 100%, however I do think we need to give our comfort zones a little more credit.

First things first. Have you ever thought of what or where your comfort zone actually is? Before we go anywhere, it's sort of nice to know where we're starting from don't you think?

Personally, my comfort zone is a place I call home, not only my physical home but also my family, my close friends and my dog. It's a feel good place where I am cozy, content and safe. It's like the "ahhhh, this chair is just right" feeling from Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Staying in this chair is okay, but I think if we never left we would a) live a very neutral life, not really knowing just how much we can contribute to society and b) lack an appreciation for how good the comfort can actually feel.

Getting comfy, allows us to get uncomfy and this is why I think both places are equally important and complimentary. In my opinion, both are essential for growth and learning, one simply fuels the other.

There have been times in my life (and probably the same goes for many of you) where my comfy place wasn't so clear, obvious or defined. This is why, today I am so thankful to have my comfort zone because it's where I go to refuel, it's what helps me sleep at night and it gives me confidence to soar.

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