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Taking "Can't" Out of Their Vocabulary

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Please allow me to introduce a very unique pair of humans.

Emilie. The definition of A D V E N T U R E. Constantly seeking.

Fred. Addicted to the next physical and/ or intellectual C H A L L E N G E.

Put these two together as husband and wife, and you're ready for take off!

Emilie, who I've known since elementary school, is an experienced sailor who has brought Fred into the wind life. Starting off in van life, they migrated to a sail boat which they named Amaruq (meaning wolf in Inuktitut). They had a picture of a sailboat hanging in their van to keep their eye on the prize, a reminder of their long-ish term goal: to own a sail boat and experience the world via water. This goal became a reality. Just as an example, in late 2019, after spending many long hours prepping themselves and their boat, the duo and their doggy, Roxy, sailed from Kingston down the coast to the Bahamas, checking that off their list despite having to cut things short because of the pandemic... Both in their early thirties, they have already seen, and pulled off, probably more than most people do in a lifetime.

Why am I telling you this? Well I had the pleasure of joining this couple on a last minute, spontaneous weekend sail on their beautiful boat and clearly, I have been energized by these two humans. I used to sail Lasers (a small, single handed boat) competitively, and this past weekend not only brought me back to my sailing roots, it also reminded me that anything is possible if you have your heart set on it.

Emilie as a nurse, working up north for larger periods of time and Fred being able to work remotely, they have created a sustainable way to fill their expedition passions. Together they plan, learn how, and just do. The way these two communicate, do things slow, calmly and properly with a "no rush" attitude is impressive to me. Can't is not in their vocabulary and their limitless way of living is motivating. I LOVE being around people that just simply live differently.

I could go on, but I will summarize with a simple take home message:

Find people who live with passion and drive.

Surround yourself with these people.

Because it's contagious.

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